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12/07/2018 By Odasie

One of the leading products of the summer and a symbol of the season is sun cream. The perfect way to "go out covered! " during the summer. However, a quarter of sun cream actually washes off into the water when you go swimming. If that doesn't seem much like much, think about how many holidaymakers experience this every year. Every summer we estimate that 25,000 tons of sunscreen spills into the oceans. And in busy areas the effects are devastating for the environment . The chemicals disrupt the plankton and deposit themselves on the coral, causing it to bleach and die. If you want to adopt an eco-responsible attitude, you can always buy organic cream;

We are going to present you with 3 Thai tips for dealing with the sun ( all natural, and good for the planet and for your skin) :


1. Umbrella

An Asian classic that you will see in every street on a sunny day, is an umbrella or a parasol. This is truly a specialty in Thailand, Westerners don't use the umbrella as a protection against the sun. To the north of Chiang Mai there is a high concentration of umbrella craftsman, dating back two centuries. The story goes that a passing monk who broke his umbrella asked a peasant to repair it. After satisfying the monk, the peasant taught the whole village his improvised technique and apparently everyone was impressed ..

Koh Hai

2. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is also known as the Sunshine Vitamin. Exposure to the sun can supply 80 to 90 percent of your energy needs. If you feel happy and energetic when the weather is good, it's because of this sunshine vitamin. It also helps to protect us against certain cancers and improve our autoimmune abilities. In Thailand, the sun shines and people have a smile on their face, correlation, maybe, maybe not? It's up to you to decide, in any case, Thai people, in addition to the sun, eat food containing vitamin D (soya, fish, etc.). This way they can afford to hide more from the sun so as to not end up looking like old leather

 Koh Phi Phi

3. The strategy of shade

If you pay attention, you will notice that the locals have the ability to find a shadowy corner on the sunniest of days .As we have less access to the sun, we prefer to stay in the sun and consciously take the risk of burning, the Thais seek to protect themselves. Be it, under umbrellas, under a porch, behind a tree, the slightest shady spot is worth taking. It is important to know that in Asia, the inhabitants are not big fans of sunbathing, preferring a white rather than a tanned complexion, they also prefer not to endanger their skin by exposing it to the sun, which is stronger and more dangerous here than in the West.

As you can see, the Thai techniques for preventing sunburn are very simple and natural: avoid exposure! But, the inhabitants of the land of smiles still have a trick up their sleeve, a little extra magic that will allow you to move around without blushing like a lobster....

Koh Lipe

(Bonus) 4Thanaka

Coming from Burma and used by the Thais, Thanaka is a white-yellow cosmetic paste of vegetable origin commonly used to cover the face and sometimes the arms. Its use goes back more than 2,000 years! Produced from the wood of several trees called " Thanaka Trees ", it provides a refreshing sensation on the skin, protects against sunburn, fights against acne and makes the skin soft. This is a bit like a magic cream, a grandmother's trick to be used without restriction . p>

And if unfortunately you do get sunburned, the Thais also have natural practices to help you. Here are 2 (and a bonus) tricks:

Koh Lanta

1. Aloe Vera

If you have even experienced a sunburn, in Asia, you will certainly be advised to use Aloe Vera. A kind of grandmother's remedy that has become popular in Europe over the last few years. So after a sunburn, spread yourself with Aloe Vera..

Koh Yao

2. Coconut oil

You will find coconut oil everywhere in Thailand and it is a very useful oil. You can cook with it, apply it to your skin and even use it as a mask for your hair. Coconut oil is an excellent alternative to the Aloe Vera gel used by Thai people to treat sunburn. An additional tip for the application of these two natural products: Go to a massage parlour, the Thais will propose to massage you with different oils and other natural substances, ask for Aloe Vera or Coconut Oil. This will greatly help you to relax and unwind and will also help to treat your burns.

Koh Tao

(Bonus) 3. Flour

Surprised? Flour is one of nature’s remedies that Thai people use to take care of their skin. Flour is a natural sunburn remedy that works quickly to reduce inflammation and irritation and nourishes the skin. So now you know what to do if you get a sunburn. And if you have any hesitation, you should know that these techniques are widespread in many other countries in Asia, and widely used in India for example.

And what are your tips for dealing with the sun?

 If you would like to put these tips into practice get in touch with the Od'Asie team and we will help you prepare for your future trip to South-East Asia! 



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