Thailand during rainy season: Worth visiting, we will let you know.

02/04/2019 By Odasie

«Leaving? Not leaving? Yes, but when? ... "
These are all questions one can ask before a trip. So, if you too are hesitating, this article is for you !


The Andaman Sea in the rain

The countries of South-East Asia, especially Thailand, are increasingly attracting more and more tourists who choose to travel there during the high season, i.e. the winter period in Europe.

When does the rainy season start?

The rainy season in Thailand is mainly between June and October. During June, the showers are not very frequent and the weather remains sunny. During this time, the disturbances last on average a few minutes a day and the temperatures are not affected as the climate is around 30ºC.
C’ It is during the months of July and August that the change of season can be felt. During these two months the climate changes and gives way to rain and thunderstorms during the day.

Nevertheless, take into account that the whole country is not affected, the islands of the Gulf of Thailand have a much more attractive climate during this period. You can fully enjoy the beach and its main activities such as diving or sea trips. The months of September and October are considered the rainiest. Many areas are prone to heavy rainfall. But once again, remember that other parts of Thailand remain attractive during this period !
For several years, the rainy season has become less and less pronounced. In fact, it has reduced in intensity compared to previous years. More recently, and certainly due to climate change, the rainy season is more scattered, which allows everyone to enjoy a better climate throughout the year.

There is no bad time to visit Thailand because there is always a more agreeable option depending on the season.


Bangkok tuk-tuks are heated when it rains in Bangkok

Low tourist traffic and low prices

Travelling to Thailand during the rainy season is like taking a holiday in September and October in France: many advantages are available!

Moreover, even if the country is very welcoming, during this period you will be received with extra wide open arms


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