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Un voyage sur-mesure en Asie du Sud-Est avec Odasie, c’est un séjour qui vous ressemble. C'est un itinéraire que nous créons spécialement pour vous, en fonction de vos envies et de votre budget. Il est unique et n'est conçu pour personne d'autre. C’est votre voyage.

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Creating unique and private tours in Southeast Asia, we consult with you on every detail, getting to know your needs and understand your specific interests and preferences. We not only create your dream vacation, but we carefully craft a unique experience tailored just for you. Odasie guests will come to appreciate and understand the destinations we offer, as locals do and will leave with many wonderful memories.
Our team of travel experts will carefully create your private tailor-made trip in Southeast Asia based on your budget, your choice of destinations, accommodation, with a keen focus on your personal interests. Our expert travel guides will show you many aspects of Southeast Asia that may normally elude the independent traveller.
You will enjoy the most glamorous places in the region, with the advantage of having a concierge service onsite. Our travel professionals take pride in selecting for you places with unique charm and character, as well as tailor-made itineraries that will immerse you in the spirit of Southeast Asian culture.
When we design a custom-made tour in Southeast Asia for you, it can be at your own pace. Whether you are a traveller who wants to see as much as possible every day, by ticking-off the major sights and enjoy moving to various hotels and locations; or whether you like to take it easy, and explore at a leisurely pace in order to soak in, each special destination, it is really up to you to decide.
One of the great advantages of a custom tour is a private vehicle and driver. This provides the maximum comfort to you, no need to be crammed along with strangers in a big coach. Your driver, who will pick you up and drop you at your exact destination, also knows the best places to eat, the best shops in town and places of interest.
With a custom package tour, there is no need to juggle dates to fit around a fixed departure date. A custom-made itinerary designed by us, means you can go when you want for as long as you want. It fits in with your calendar, not ours.
With our tailor-made tours in South East Asia, you can choose a range of accommodation styles. You aren’t locked into a tour that features 3-4 star hotels or luxury properties, you can mix it up. You can stay at luxury hotels, wildlife lodges and boutique hotels, homestays, all in one trip.
South East Asia is full of possibilities for travellers. And your vacation can have them all – just let yourself dream. With years of experience, we will make your holiday dreams come true.

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