The Smells of spices and tropical flowers, green landscapes against the backdrop of the deep blue sea, sweet and refined cuisine, smiling and pleasant people with their hearts on their sleeve, cultures full of life where civilizations have crossed for centuries. This combination has created the Thai people.

For lovers of the ocean , Thailand represents diversity, lulled by the Indian Ocean flowing to the east coast by way of the Andaman Sea and by the Pacific Ocean which reaches as far as the Gulf of Siam. Thailand is a meeting point for many different types of pelagic species and microscopic life.

Come and share with us our knowledge of the land and discover together the wonders that lie hidden in the "land of men".

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Your trip to Thailand is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories!
Come and share with us a unique experience and discover the hidden wonders of the “land of free men”.

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Thailande présentation

Land of contrast, with these smells of spices and tropical flowers, the green landscapes against the backdrop of the deep blue sea, a sweet and refined cuisine, a smiling and pleasant population, a culture full of life where civilizations have crossed paths for centuries.

Since 2008, our multicultural team, made up of Europeans and Thais, have been exploring Thailand - the real one - off the beaten track and far from the hordes of tourists. We have a special relationship with the local people and created strong bonds with our long-standing partners. In the field, we offer private tours in Thailand, where you will discover wondrous encounters, local customs and exciting new flavours.

Odasie’s mission is to share these magical places

with our guests, and ensure you will get to experience the treasures of an unsuspected Thailand,
· From the mountainous and green regions of northern Thailand, with its waterfalls, its authentic villages, its rice fields and its temples.
· The Central region, the historic capital of Siam with its meandering paths, national parks and historical ruins, and finally, to
· the South, with white sandy beaches and turquoise water.

There’s nothing quite like Thailand's Southern paradisiacal islands, still with its unspoiled corners.
Thailand is perfect for travellers in search of authenticity and breath-taking landscapes.

For ocean lovers, Thailand provides the best and unforgettable holiday, with its large diversity and amazing dive sites. Cradled by the Indian Ocean, the Andaman Sea, and the Pacific Ocean, which extends into the Gulf of Siam, Thailand is a meeting point for many pelagic species and microscopic life. Odasie’s Thailand diving tours will bring you to some of the best diving destinations in the world. Its numerous islands are among the finest in the world and run all along the coastline.

With Odasie's custom made travel itinerary we can customize your holiday agenda to be suitable for all travel groups, including private, family or even honeymoon couples. We can help plan your dream trip to Thailand with an unforgettable holiday experience.

Odasie's travel diaries present an itinerary of your stay in Thailand, with day-by-day details of the activities, accommodation and transfers included in your trip. You will also find our famous "tips'' on your itinerary selection of our favourite activities, landmarks and restaurants. It has all the information you need to have the best possible vacation, with all the contacts of our guides and partners at each destination. You are in good and safe hands, Odasie takes care of everything for you.

We will also accompany you with discretion and efficiency throughout your stay, and in the case of any emergency, we are only a phone call away. You will be able to enjoy your trip with complete peace of mind.

Don’t wait any longer, get in touch with our team and let's prepare for your next unforgettable holiday in Thailand with Odasie.

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